Digital Narrative Marketing for Social Media

Telling Emotive Stories Through Photos and Videos


In the age of social media marketing, there is a pressing demand for content creation. We definitely need to be more efficient in producing posts and videos. But more importantly, we need to know how to produce effective content; content that
gets results. “Those who tell the stories rule society” – Plato

Stories have the power to move people and the ability to craft emotive narratives is the key to marketing success.

Contents & outcomes

Through this course, you can tap into his experience and expertise and learn to:

Appreciate how different content types are used for different social media platforms and the importance of a well-stocked brand assets library.

Understand how emotions are key to persuasion and influence and how stories work in connecting with audience emotively.

Apply brand storytelling techniques to create and repurpose different forms of content that win hearts, plant ideas and inspire actions using basic content creation tools and software.

You have access to media platforms. You can now direct the narrative for your brand through emotive storytelling and rule your markets.

Target audience

This program is intended for:

Community/Social Media Managers
Content Creators

who need to produce or oversee the production of relevant content constantly in order to achieve marketing objectives.

Course details and duration

This program runs for a total of 14 hours and is offered in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

Course Fee

S$ 480 per participant including assessment fee.
Singapore citizens (aged 25 and above) are eligible to utilize their Skillsfuture credit for this course.


Program Facilitator

Ryo Leong has spent more than 20 years in the media industry, starting in branding and promotions before moving to content and channel management. His creative concepts have won several awards in Promax World and New York Festivals. He was also the commissioning editor for the Best Preschool Programme of Asia TV Awards 2016. Ryo is currently a consultant and trainer in Digital and Content Marketing, using a story inception approach to direct brands’ narratives.

For enquiries on further details or course fees, please contact us at or +65 8156 3458