Creative Writing

Creative Script Writing for Video & Film

Contents & outcomes

Creativity is the key to capturing an audience’s imagination. In this program, you will be given an overview of the script development and crafting process, and tips on how to effectively research the subject-matter of a script. You will also be introduced to techniques to develop a script that fulfils potential audience appeal, enhances the suitability and/or marketability of the contents, and meets industry standards (format, style and quality) for various media platforms.

Hands-on participation is expected: you will be asked to view a chosen silent film sequence, interpret and research on its subject-content, before developing a narrative script matching the length, content and style of the film sequence.

Target audience

This program is intended for those in the general public who wish to understand the script development and writing process. The program is particularly suitable for those aspiring to enter (or are currently in) the media and creative industries as documentary writers, associate producers, script-writers, broadcast journalists, or researchers.

Course details and duration

This program runs for a total of 16 hours (2 full days or 4 half days), and is offered in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

For enquiries on further details or course fees, please contact us at or +65 8156 3458