About us

APDA aims to provide professional development for those in, or aspiring to enter, the workforce. It specialises in organising training programs intended to enhance knowledge and employability, with a focus on the media and creative industries.


“An essential aspect of maturing is developing the ability to take increasing responsibility for our own lives – to become increasingly self-directed.”

Malcolm Knowles, Self-Directed Learning (1988)

Self-improvement is a key factor to success. APDA is helmed by energetic and experienced media professionals who subscribe to the value of lifelong learning. We are committed to promoting, and providing an effective platform for continual education and training for those who desire to learn.

Our Story

A personal lifelong learning journey

As Executive Director of APDA, Dr Shih Hui Min is a firm believer of continual learning.

Dr Shih began in 1980s Singapore as a broadcast presenter, producer and manager of MediaCorp’s three Chinese radio stations. These stations would go on to achieve top-ranking listenership in Singapore.

Having obtained Master of Business Administration from the National University of Singapore while in MediaCorp, Dr Shih chose to pursue a doctorate on a full-time basis with one of China’s leading universities, Tsinghua University, graduating in 2009 with a PhD in journalism and communication.

Since then, Dr Shih has furthered her professional growth in several ways. From 2013-2018, Dr Shih undertook a role as adjunct researcher in the National University of Singapore’s East Asia Institute, with a focus in media and creative industries in Asia. She also continues to be a program consultant for MediaCorp, and has been invited to conduct lectures at the Singapore Media Academy and the Civil Service College respectively.

Dr Shih’s time as a consultant, researcher and lecturer ignited her interest in Singapore’s adult vocational education industry. To improve her training methods and better engage her students, Dr Shih undertook the Advanced Certification in Training & Assessment (ACTA) course conducted by Singapore Institute of Adult Learning (IAL), before obtaining WSQ Diploma in Adult and Continuous Education (DACE) from IAL in 2018. Dr Shih is currently a certified facilitator of the ACTA course.

Dr Shih founded APDA in the hopes of encouraging lifelong learning for all – regardless of age or background.